The Beauty & Art of Collaboration

Collaboration is defined as the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

It’s who we collaborate with, what materials we use, and where we source them is what differentiates and defines us. It’s the art of our profession. It adds the beauty. And as designers, it’s why we do what we love so much.

It’s not as easy as it may look. There are many details to consider and what’s “behind the wall” can be just as crucial to a project’s outcome as what’s in front of the wall. In the world of remodeling and renovations, meticulous planning is key and the devil is in the details; if done right you’ll add value to your home and beauty to your life.

Thankfully where to collaborate and source is now the easy part. We’ve all been waiting for Richmond Tile to come to New Jersey and it’s here, and it’s just what you’d expect.

The boutique design showroom in Manasquan NJ is an extension of their showroom on Staten Island that has been servicing designers, architects, builders, and homeowners for over 50 years. The demand for a NJ design center comes from designers like Teresa Tumminia who wanted a place to bring their clients and show them gorgeous tiles, custom furniture, soft goods, working bathroom displays with steam and air jetted tubs that was close to their homebase. Cotugno echos the sentiment, “The amount of NJ based designers focusing on custom work is something we felt strongly about fostering and giving them a place to come and collaborate with the team of importers at Richmond Design Center.”

Richmond’s Vice President, Anthony Cotugno and At Home Custom Interior’s, Teresa Tumminia, have collaborated on many projects throughout the years. As a NJ based designer, Teresa is thrilled to welcome Tile to this side of the Outer Bridge.

The three vanities in this image showcase three different esthetics focusing on the most current trends in bathroom remodeling. Satin brass still being at the forefront for plumbing finish, lifted vanities to allow for a larger feel in the overall bathroom design and lastly butcher block style tops that are chunky and done in natural stone and porcelain. The cherry on top is the wide selection of lighted mirrors and medicine cabinets to fit in any design.

As part of the Versace Maximvs Icon collection, this tile showcases a third fire porcelain palm decoration. It has all the attributes of being both tropical and modern at the same time. In person this tile gives new meaning to depth in tile. When installed it will feel like a dimensional wallpaper without the maintenance.

Another tile from the Versace Maximvs Icon collection. This tile has a more art deco geometric vibe with touches of gold overlay. While both tiles from this collection are extremely different in their esthetic, they both will have a continuous pattern when installed and give a dramatic focal moment in any space.

This tile is part of the Maximvs Classic collection from Versace. The collection comes in multiple colors, sizes, and finishes. The featured tile has a MEGABAROCCO DECORATION over the ROSA VENEZIA. Using the tile with a pattern as an accent to a more subtle overall look will let your design scream luxury.

Classic shaker style cabinets with a modern twist. The white washed distressed black and white finish on these cabinets coupled with a pink onyx waterfall countertop is something only Anthony of Richmond Tile would think up. He added dual finish faucets and hardware with a black sink. While this may seem like it’s fit for a bachelor, it’s ideal for a family with style.